Chicken Curry


The egg has been hiding for a while, but it had to resurface for this one!



The first step is to cover the prior paint job with a coat of white. This way the yellow will show better.


Bye bye Galo de Barcelos!


Bring on the yellow! I also briefly considered a black beak, but it didn’t look right.


Behold the finished piece! #ChickenCurry!




#ChickenCurry even has a mouthguard to chew on…


#ChickenCurry also has a wrap around his right ankle.

Let’s hear it for the Golden State Warriors!




  • Nancy Fitzgerald Reply

    Love your story. Love your blog. New fan! Go Warriors!!

  • Beth Reply


  • Beth Reply

    Go Chicken Curry!

  • Lone wolf Reply

    While I love some Curry, I must admit, Big Chicken’s new look in its’ video is rocking! The new look is an attack of the psychologically powerful. This does not appear to be a traveling big metal chicken, rather a stable visual art installation that continues to connect with its neighborhood viewers everyday! In various ways, it connects community, inspires growth, creativity, humor all while educating and most importantly….Inspiring those of us who come into contact with it. This art piece is suitable for all levels of physical access because of its kinetic aspects. From its temperature changing metal sculpture structure to its concave sounscapes, this is not oridaniry. Its extraordinairy! This is a sound sculpture accessable to blind people. If a person positions their ears within various curvatures of the design, they may notice sounds of birds reflecting off the metal caves and contoures. The essence of the historical charming South Bay residential neighborhood can be seen and heard reflecting on its shape and glazed paint coats. It speaks to a random passerby: reminding her:

    Wake up. This fight is far from lost.

    Remember, be your own normal.

    We march strength in numbers.

    Don’t be a chicken! Cross this bridge with confidence!


    California Sunset Photo Shoot:

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